Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups, or SIG's, are private Member-driven communities which are set up for the exclusive use of Level II (Standard) and Level III (Premium) Members
SIG's are positioned as horizontally-aligned groups which can serve multiple industries or, alternatively, can be designated as industry-specific. SIG areas of focus can span topics such as enterprise functions, roles, certifications, applications, technologies, user groups, etc. The sky is the limit so make sure to voice your ideas and let's discuss them. Community discussions take place on our private LinkedIn community which is open to those Members who have formally registered as a Level I Member. Level I is our gateway to those individuals who want to find their "tribe"(Industry Cluster), or discuss current or potential Think Tanks, Industry Clusters,  SIG's and a myriad of other GRC discussions.
GRC Sphere hosts all SIG's on GRC Connect which is a Member Service open to Level II (Standard) and Level III (Premium) Members.