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"In organizations that actively encourage the identification and adoption of best practices, a corporate culture springs up that is dedicated to fast learning."
Introduction The European Union (EU) has taken a monumental step in protecting the fundamental right to privacy for every EU resident with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will ...
“The ability to learn faster than your competitorsmay be the only sustainable competitive advantage.” - Arie De Geus Royal Dutch / Shell
Our GRCme Brain Trust Partners represent the leading product and professional services firms from around the globe and spanning the application domains of Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) and ...
"Fast learning organizations are capable of fast change and creative evolution."
"At General Electric and other modern learning labs, employees are encouraged to borrow and implant excellent ideas that are not trademarked, patented or proprietary."
"By adopting a ‘we-can-learn-from-anyone’ attitude, a company can transform the organization to forge its strategy and develop a value-driven culture."
"In corporations such as Motorola, ‘steal shamelessly’ is a rallying cry for continuous improvement. This attitude underpins a ‘we can learn from anyone’ attitude that separates many
"Innovative adaptation is a key strength of many high-performing organizations." Transforming the Vision and Value of GRC
"Fast learning organizations adapt quickly because they listen to customers and they innovate rapidly.
"Identifying and sharing your organization’s own best practices... – that is the essence of synergy in business."
"Fast learning organizations are capable of fast change and creative evolution."