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The Video Technology Requirements Specification, or Video Tech Requirements Spec for short, is a 10 page document in .pdf format within a Zip file that identifies both the core requirements and vendors in the market segment known as Video Platform-as-a-Service (i.e. Video PaaS). The 30+ vendors listed fall into the classic video hosting and video streaming areas. We have identified over 10 different video-based business models / revenue generators.

The Video Tech Requirements Spec provides a major resource for corporations who need to leverage video for any or all of the “4 C’s”; Communication, Control, Coordination and Collaboration. It has the potential to save you, literally, months of research and hundreds of thousands of dollars in your quest to become a video powerhouse. That is why we have made this requirements specification an actual product.

Over the last two years our organization has been building a video platform strategy that will enable our member-based industry benchmarking consortium to take the lead in our target market. Based on the Video Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) “findings” that we have uncovered, we feel that our findings will be a great help to any firm which realizes that video content is not just a “nice-to-have” feature on a corporate website. Video is, in essence, a mission-critical proving ground for next generation Communication, Control, Coordination and Collaboration. These 4 C’s encompass new thinking about how we use and leverage video technology. Because video technology is so important to any corporation, in any country around the world, we want to help you to reinvent the strategic vision and value of how video is employed, leveraged and deployed across your firm. We wish you all the best in making video technologies work for you and hopefully, if you’re really good, become a strategic and sustainable competitive advantage!

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