Level I Executive - Basic Member Subscription, Annual Recurring


Our Price: $49.95


Level I Basic Member Subscription (FOR EXECUTIVES) Pricing and Details:

  • A Level I Basic Member Subscription for Executives provides access to GRC Sphere's Private Group on LinkedIn which includes both Executives and Non-Executive Members.

  • Other core and extended (optional) services can be viewed on the Member Services Matrix on the upper left of home page.

  • Business discussions are conducted in English.

  • In addition to LinkedIn, Level I Executive Members are also provided with access to an industry-aligned virtual meeting room on GRC Connect which is referred to as an “Executive Think Tank” or “Think Tank” for short.

  • The Level I Basic Membership Subscription Package for Executives is $49.95 for a 1 Year (365 day) recurring subscription.

  • All prospective members are required to meet registration requirements which are outlined below:

  • “Executives” are defined as individuals who possess a title of “Chief X Officer” (“CXO”) where the “X” may be defined by the employer, VP-level titles, Board of Directors and Audit Committee Members also qualify as Executives. Other board and committee members may also be considered. Please contact Member Support for help with this determination: Member Support (at) GRC Sphere (dot) org.
  • Individuals who work with executives may also be considered for inclusion in Executive Think Tanks. The decision rests with Member Support and the Leader or Co-Leaders of the Think Tank.

  • Formal Registration requires these required items to validate a prospective Member’s identity:
  1.    Credit Card transaction

  2.    Registration requires that you make 2 “Primary Industry Designations” which associate a Member with an industry segment:
o   NAICS Code
o   SIC Code

  1.    A corporate e-mail address


  1.    Agreement with GRC Policies; Terms of Service, Ethics, Privacy, Code of Conduct.

Other Important Notes:

  • All pricing is listed in US Dollars

  • Access to any Group other than the Members Preferred Industry Group is based on whether the Group is in existence at the time that you join the GRC Sphere organization. Unfortunately access cannot be carried forward to a future year if a Group has not yet been formed, nor made available to Members in the current Member year.

  • Subscription Fees are paid in advance of service, as a yearly total. However, during GRC Sphere’s start-up phase, subscription fees may sometime be billed after a free trial period.

  • If you are not sure whether you will find your industry or Special Interest Group on GRC Connect, please contact us to discuss your needs and interests. Our Member Administration and Support teams will do their best to accommodate your preferences by matching you up with other members who may share similar industry orientations and / or SIG interests.
  • Discounted Group Subscriptions are available and they are based on Level III Premium Member Subscription Pricing.

  • GRC Sphere’s Member Support organization reserves the right to provide additional “virtual meeting rooms” on LinkedIn or on GRC Sphere’s GRC Connect (a Professionals Networked Community Platform) as needed to serve our Executive Members with the resources that they need to meet, communicate and collaborate with other Executive peers.

  • GRC Sphere’s Member Support organization reserves the right to modify Executive and Non-Executive Subscription Packages as needed.
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