Benchmarking Starts Here Consulting Module and Benchmarking Starter Kit

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The Benchmarking Starts Here Consulting Module and Benchmarking Starter Kit is a packaged, multi-component, self-paced, consulting solution for guiding enterprise functions in organizing and running their own profiling engagements, internally. These assessments can be strategic, corporate assessments against corporate competitors or functional assessments that focus on a particular process or area of the enterprise. One of the toughest aspects to industry benchmarking is knowing how and where to dig in and get started. This consulting module provides an ideal platform for laying out your organization’s initial steps for mobilizing a team (or yourself) to explore a powerful analytic modeling method.

Companies that are interested in getting their employees involved with industry benchmarking will love this resource. It contains all the necessary guidance and examples needed to develop internal expertise on a core competency that serves as a prelude to full industry benchmarking. What makes this starter kit especially attractive is that it can be used by managers of any enterprise function. Plus, an added advantage is that no travel budgets are needed for travel outside the company.

During the process you will have enough latitude to determine if you want to initiate a strategic profiling workshop with an executive team, or work at a lower level of the enterprise such as within an enterprise function. For instance, you may identify a team that manages a program or a process that would like to explore benchmarking.

This easy-to-use starter kit is a zip file that contains these 5 components:

1. Overview of the Strategic Profiling Process; Red Me First (9 page .pdf document)

2. List of Critical Success Factors (2 page .pdf document with a list of CSF examples for consideration)

3. Cross-Industry Process Classification Framework (Excel spreadsheet courtesy of

4. High Level Strategic Profiling Form (A single PowerPoint slide)

5. A short Video Overview of Industry Benchmarking (MP4 Video file)

The kit also incorporates an optional technology section that introduces Decision Support System (DSS) tools which have the inherent power to generate ratio-based scalar measurement assessments which make the process highly accurate and granular.

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