GRC Connect

"Identifying and sharing your organization’s own best practices...

– that is the essence of synergy in business."

Jan Howard, Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York

GRC Connect is a Professionals’ Networked Community (PNC) platform that enables our Level II and Level III Members to transcend LinkedIn. GRC Connect supports a wide range of Executive Think Tanks, Industry Clusters, Special Interest Groups (SIG's) to offer a significantly new level of shared industry intelligenceWe now have the ability to leave outdated discussion forums and antiquated LISTserv technologies in the dust! Look at GRC Connect features and functions to find out more. Go to our Member Services page for details.

If you’re not aware of the core communications and collaboration challenges that stymy any enteprise project or program... look at this equation. It makes clear that we need to transcend LinkedIn in order to collaborate more effectively which, in turn, helps our Members to lower the cost of GRC through a significantly enhanced level of Communication, Control, Coordination and Collaboration.

10 person project (100 – 10) / 2 = 45 Paths of Communication

100 person project (10,000 – 100) / 2 = 4,950 Paths of Communication

1000 person project (1,000,000 – 1,000) / 2 = 499,500 Paths of Communication

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