BreakPoint AND GEF

"At General Electric and other modern learning labs, employees are encouraged to

borrow and implant excellent ideas that are not trademarked, patented or proprietary."


BreakPoint is our name for the defining event (in business transformation theory) signaling a rapid business change that generates a disproportionate economic gain; and / or, the point at which the market responds disproportionately to a change in a KPI value parameter.

GEF is our acronym for the Governance Execution Framework.

Our approach to GRC industry benchmarking is significant for these 3 reasons…

  • 3 Separate BreakPoint Platforms - We provide 3 separate BreakPoint  benchmarking capabilities; financial, GRC KPI, and corporate resilience.
  • GEF represents the GRC industry’s first global initiative to leverage finance, accounting and GRC professionals by providing guidance on the methods, tools, and the process for taking analytical models and moving them through a number of steps that support crowd-sourcing and industry benchmarking.
  • Analytical Model Exchange – Members can create, share, barter, sell or lease models to other members using the Analytical Model Knowledge Exchange. Industry Clusters and SIG’s can promote crowdsourcing models to full-fledged industry benchmarking KPI instruments.