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We invite you to join your tribe. That's your GRC Industry Cluster! We can't start benchmarking GRC without you...

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Member registration is a 3 step process. All prospective Members are requested to:

1.) Write down the NAICS and SIC codes that best represent their organization. Use these resources:

2.) Use a corporate e-mail address for your registration.

3.) Use a credit card for the $0 transaction to further validate your identity.

Lastly, you will also be asked to approve our Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct, Terms of Usage and our Privacy Policy. Our registration process is standard operating procedure for an ultra-secure and world class Industry Benchmarking Consortium like GRC Sphere.

3 Levels of Membership

We have three levels of Membership for Executives and three levels for Non-Executives:

1.) Level I Basic Member Subscription Package

2.) Level II Standard Member Subscription Package

3.) Level III Premium Member Subscription Package

Executive vs Non-Executive

We support 2 primary constituencies; one for Executives (CXO level titles, General Counsel, Board of Director members, Audit Committee members, etc) and one for all other individuals, Non-Executives, who are not in an Executive level role. So we offer 3 Member Subscription Packages for Execs and 3 for Non-Execs.

The Member Dozen

We want to make sure that all prospective Members are aware of our "Member Dozen" which are 12 different discounts which all our Members can, and should, take advantage of. They can be seen in our orientation video as shown below:

Member Bundles and Super-Bundles

During the registration check-out process you will see Member Subscription Packages which are called Member Bundles and Super-Bundles. These are offered to Members as an upsell alternative. In essence, we bundle a number of significantly-discounted "core resources" which is our way of saying "Thank You" for supporting our organization. Keep an eye open for these!

GRCme Brain Trust Partner Program

If you are a GRC product provider, service provider or educator... then you qualify as a GRC Brain Trust-certified supplier. Please contact us to take advantage of our unique GRCme Brain Trust Partner Program which is described in detail under the GRCme navigation label on our home page, or contact us at... [email protected]

Passing the GRC education baton.