Implement & Manage

“Best Practices has legitimized plagiarism,”
is a line gleefully quoted by Jack Welch of General Electric fame
and extolled by many other GE execs. Their leadership has institutionalized
the study of other high-performing organizations. Welch’s observation, not to be taken literally,
is meant to pulverize the “if-it-ain’t-invented-here-it-can’t-be-any-good” syndrome
that afflicts many successful organizations.

  • Identify industry Leaders, Experts, Educators and Sponsors
  • Identify Board Members
  • Identify Vision, Mission, Objectives, Goals, etc.
  • Adopt of Code of Conduct and Ethics Policies
  • Organize an analytical model repository
  • Establish Industry Cluster and SIG management
  • Develop Member programs, services and levels
  • Implement custom KPI benchmarking