Why Join Us? Our Key Differentiators

"The opportunistic (and legal) borrowing of great ideas, structures, strategies,

procedures and systems is viewed as healthy and good."

We realize that you’re probably a member of several GRC organizations. So, it’s easy to understand why you may think that you can’t handle another one! But let us tell you why we’re highly differentiated and then justify how we deliver significantly greater value.

  • Our Focus - There are no other GRC organizations that are focused exclusively on GRC best practices, KPI benchmarking and helping you to screen / procure GRC products and services.

  • Action, NOT Theory - We’re all about action, NOT theory. Our members want to solve real-world challenges, today, not theorize on how to be successful in the future. The best and lowest cost ways to accomplish this is to collaborate with your industry peers. We offer you an easy way to connect and collaborate with peers!

  • We Have Evidence! – We’re the only GRC benchmarking organization that we know of which can supply definitive benchmarking evidence of the potential that business / technology convergence (i.e. enterprise integration) has on your "GRC convergence" challenge. In essence, we can help you to define and benchmark GRC best practices and Key Performent Indicator's (KPI's) to position yourt cross-enterprise GRC program initiative to deliver significant Strategic Shareholder Value.

Are you measuring your GRC program initiative using these measurements?

1 Return on Equity (ROE)

2 Return on Investment (ROI)

3 Return on Assets (ROA)

4 Earnings Before Interest, Taxes and Depreciation (EBITD)

5 Annual Growth in Revenue

6 Annual Growth in Earning Per Share (EPS)

7 Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)

8 Return on Assets Managed (ROAM)

9 Return on Management Employed or Return on Management Effort (ROME)

Introducing The GRCme Brain Trust
We are building the world's broadest and deepest resource base of GRC knowledge. It is driven by GRC experts... GRC Product Providers, GRC Service Providers and GRC Educators. Our GRCme Brain Trust Partners provide critical GRC knowledge to our Members every day!

Passing the GRC education baton.