"Fast learning organizations adapt quickly because they

listen to customers and they innovate rapidly.

In essence, they’re highly time-responsive."

VOW stansd for Video Of the Week. But this program goes way beyond just a weekly video featuring your GRC product or service. Here’s how VOW and the GRCme University and Educational Marketing programs work… 

GRC Sphere’s “TAKE THE VOW” moniker represents a unique integrated 3 stage educational and consulting services program. It is designed to offer members of our GRCme Brain Trust (i.e. GRC experts who are Level III Premium Members (including finance, accounting, audit and security professionals) to engage prospects and customers, alike. Product and service providers can leverage all three stages or leverage any one of the three stages, individually. It’s your choice. Here’s how VOW and educational programs work together in a very complementary way to introduce GRC Sphere Members to your solution offerings.

Stage 1 – Level III product and service providers produce a professional educational VOW video (up to 49 Mb in size) using our videographers and our production capabilities, or yours. A link to the video is sent to our members as a GRC Product or Service Notification. It’s weekly notification service for Level II and Level III members. The VOW is positioned as an introductory video overview of featured GRC product and service providers so that our members can learn about a range of interesting GRC products and services without any heavy duty sales overtones. In essence, the idea is to educate, get your brand visible, and reach out to our members.

Level II and Level III members can view the video immediately, or find the VOW video in our GRCme University video repository on our web site in the VOW video section.

Stage 2 - Level III product and service providers use VOW video to drive interested prospects to a longer self-paced GRCme University educational course hosted on our GRCme University platform. The length and complexity of your course is up to you. You can provide the course for free or for a fee. The choice is yours. The idea is to take an interested prospect and turn them into a qualified prospect by delivering education that preps the prospects for working directly with your firm.

Stage 3 - The prospect (Level II or Level III) gets hooked by leveraging your asynchronous (self-paced) educational content. Then, the next step is to entice the qualified prospect to book and attend any of the following pre-scheduled live (i.e. the synchronous mode of education) service offerings that you may choose to offer.

  • Pre-scheduled public or private GRCme University webcast, class or other live events.
  • Private GRCme Services booking for a 1-on-1 or small group mentoring / coaching sessions.
  • Monthly public or private GRCme Services large group session that is oriented to mentoring, coaching, general consulting, etc.

The bottom line bottom line goal is to provide a variety of unique and relatively quick GRCme University synchronous (live) educational services that help you to build the all-important Client rapport that is needed for more lengthy service engagement which also includes the purchase of GRC products.

Additional Stage 3 information that will help you build VOW and GRCme University / Services strategies:

Type 1 – GRCme University / Services Fees

  • GRCme University / Service fees are best for monthly, weekly, daily recurring billing where the customer is paying a set fee for a pre-set time period.
  • GRCme University / Service fees are not dependent on participation; i.e. the member is billed whether they participate or not.
  • GRCme Service fees can also be used for “drop-in’s” or other 1 time events.

Type 2 – GRCme University / Services Unit Credits

  • GRCme University / Services unit credits simplifies the ability for you to offer different services and different consultants, coaches and mentors charging different rates.
  • 1 GRCme University / Services Unit Credit = $10
  • GRCme University / Services fees are based on a multiple of $10
  • Examples; $80 per hour consulting rate = 8 credits, $125 / hour = 12.5 credits and so on…
  • Our members purchase admittance to your varying types of GRCme University / Professional Services using GRCme Unit Credits. This greatly facilitates the huge number of rates and durations that you can offer.
  • We will work with you to establish our rate for managing the scheduled bookings and we can even get creative so if you want to provide telephone consultations, virtual meeting support services and other support services we have the integrated scheduling and billing to support you in generating new prospects through unique GRCme University / Professional Services.

Rates for Asynchronous VOW and GRCme University Educational Programs
Available to Level III GRC product and service providers.

VOW – Video of the Week

  • Available to Level III GRC product and service providers.
  • $200 as a one-time e-mail alert distribution fee.
  • Video must be 49Mb or less in size.
  • $1200 advertising fee for publishing the video to the VOW video repository on our web site for a 1 year listing.
  • The VOW video Showcase repository is accessible by Level III members.

GRCme University Self-Paced Courseware Repository

  • Available to Level III GRC product and service providers.
  • Our GRC Sphere educational platform is designed specifically for the delivery of self-paced educational courses.
  • These can be offered for free to our members or for a fee.
  • Our fee is based on what you’d like to accomplish with your educational content. Let’s talk.
Rates for GRCme Professional Services, Programs and Events
Available to Level III GRC product and service providers.

GRCme University / Services presentations, meetings, webcasts, classes or other live events; pre-scheduled, public or private. $500

GRCme University / Services Large group coaching, mentoring, consulting by web and telephone / Skype; pre-scheduled, public or private. $300

GRCme University / Services Small group private small group coaching, mentoring, consulting sessions using web and telephone / Skype; pre-scheduled, public or private $200

GRCme University / Services 1-On-1 coaching, mentoring, consulting by web and telephone / Skype or telephone only discussions; pre-scheduled, Private $100

GRCme University / Services One-Time service offerings such as “Consulting Drop-In’s used for private pre-scheduled, or not pre-scheduled, for an "open door" / ad hoc 1-on-1 meeting capability. $50