GRC Sphere Announces Riskonnect as a new GRCme Brain Trust Partner

July 20, 2018
Riskonnect is a pure SaaS application software and leading provider of global Integrated Risk Management (IRM) solutions that enable organizations to anticipate and manage strategic and operational risks across the extended enterprise. Its unique, holistic approach to integrated risk serves more ...more

Have You Listed Your Product and Services?

June 19, 2018
Our GRCme Brain Trust Partner Program has grown by leaps and bounds. Have you joined us as yet? If not, we can help you to market your Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) solution, cybersecurity solution or work excellence solutions. Our 4 global directories enable all our Partners to list one ...more

Risk Assessment and Cognitive vs. Confirmation Bias

April 24, 2018
Norman Marks is a major blogger on risk management topics and he recently wrote a post on the pitfalls of bias when assessing a topic having to do with risk assessment. Here's how the two terms of cognitive and confirmation bias are defined: | A cognitive bias is a mistake in reasoning, ...more

New News Regarding FourV Systems

April 23, 2018
PRESS RELEASE OPAQ Networks Acquires FourV Systems to Enhance Security Operations Management Automation Acquisition Augments OPAQ Security-as-a-Service Platform with Performance and Regulatory Compliance Measurement, Monitoring and Reporting HERNDON, Va. – March 29, 2018 , OPAQ ...more

Inline XBRL gains traction, even without SEC mandate

April 19, 2018
As our Members know, we are heavily involved in setting a new direction in Risk Loss Threat (RLT) and cybersecurity incident reporting. The eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) is very important to our Members and ourselves. Now, the migration to in-line XBRL is heightening everyone's ...more
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ERM Watchtower in the News Again!

March 21, 2018
In early 2018, GRC Sphere completed a broad market assessment to select an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) application software suite which would offer our Members the ability to collaborate on an emerging need which is the management of dynamic, near real-time, Risk Loss Threat (RLT) ...more
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General Data Privacy Regulation

March 21, 2018
It's amazing to us as to how many companies have missed the GDPR calls for action. If your firm needs our assistance, please contact us quickly. We're starting  to get swamped!more
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Rethinking Enterprise Risk Management

February 27, 2018
Today represents a watershed opportunity that your organization has been looking for! We finally have a definitive opportunity to initiate the transformation that’s needed for dealing with the range of challenges that we, as operational risk and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program managers ...more
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Featuring New GRCme Brain Trust Partner; FFW Agency

February 14, 2018
| | | GRC Sphere announces our multi-national partner, FFW, which helps our members with the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and provides education and consulting services that help them to comply. | FFW is a digital agency focused on creating digital experience platforms ...more
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7 Steps to GDPR for US Companies

February 08, 2018
| Here's some sage advice from Martin James, Senior Vice President of DataStax and Information Week which has been culled from their 7/04/2017 website posting: | The EU's GDPR impacts all companies doing business with EU citizens. Here are some important steps to take to ensure you're on the ...more
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