Governance; What the heck is it?

May 30, 2017
We believe that "governance", like risk management and compliance management is a special form of business intelligence and it's not exactly easy to master. Here's how we define it... | | | Enterprise governance spans a set of structured practice disciplines  that  generate ...more
Category: Governance

The 12 Pillars of GRC Best Practice Work Disciplines

October 11, 2016
When we were asked to create a compendium of best practices for Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) program initiatives we started to think about the numerous areas where companies report difficulties. Topping the list of "risks", which is the way to look at this best practice topic is that of ...more

Group Decision-Making

March 30, 2016
We recently had a question about our suggested approach to group decision-making. We thought that our response might be of interest to our community. The participants that come into complex decision brainstorming session, are told that a rational or best choice is that choice that best meets ...more