Risk Assessment and Cognitive vs. Confirmation Bias

April 24, 2018
Norman Marks is a major blogger on risk management topics and he recently wrote a post on the pitfalls of bias when assessing a topic having to do with risk assessment. Here's how the two terms of cognitive and confirmation bias are defined: | A cognitive bias is a mistake in reasoning, ...more

Reading List on Risk Assessment and Risk Management

March 28, 2017
The following extensive reading list has been compiled from several sources such as,, Shared Assessments, Sira and Auditnet: Predictably Irrational, Revised and Expanded Edition: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions Ariely, Dan Foundations of Risk Analysis: ...more

24 Threat Monographs Released for GRC Sphere Executive Members

June 21, 2016
Recently we acquired 24 threat monographs, from The Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies, for our Executive member content repository. At least seven (7) of these relate to cyber threats, cyber insurance and the others span topics such as: High Inflation Eurozone Meltdown Devaluation ...more

Reengineering ERM Program Initiatives

March 30, 2016
As you may be aware we are advocates of reengineering under-performing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) programs. Our recent white paper on this theme encourages executive management to take a very tough stance of reassessing their enterprise-wide ERM program initiatives. Most of these program ...more

Contextual Data Will Become Vital

March 30, 2016
I just came across Brenda Boultwood's article for GARP; "How People, Data and Conduct Will Shape Risk Management in 2015". In it she talks about context and the contextual data that concerns our ability to understand the implications of risk. This struck a cord with me because, I see Predictive ...more

Is your Risk Assessment Approach Too Simplistic?

March 30, 2016
We just spotted this article in Coprporate Risk & Insurance’s risk magazine:   Merrill Lynch criticised by regulator for ‘simplistic’ risk management The Bank of America’s UK Merrill Lynch business has been criticised by regulators for weak risk management. The Prudential Regulation ...more

Risk Assessment Bibliography

March 30, 2016
Doug Hubbard of Hubbard Decision Research recently published a list of interesting sources (on the Society of Information Risk Analyst listserve) that he has used in his work writing on various risk assessment methods and tools. I thought that you might find this list to be of interest. Doug's ...more

The Reengineering of Risk Assessment

March 30, 2016
It's amazing how often we come across companies that are spending millions of dollars having their employees rate risks using ordinal or Likert scales within a commercially purchased tool or in a home-grown spreadsheet or Word document. This needs to stop and it needs to stop fast! Shareholder ...more