Understanding Crowdsourcing and Sample Sizing

April 03, 2017
If you look at the above calculation, which was published recently by the Survey Monkey organization, you may be easily scared away from from any discussion of crowdsourcing statistics, such as calculating a "sample size". We can't blame you, when we, too, think back about the terror of ...more

Building Our Professional Brand

July 17, 2016
One of the most interesting aspects of today's social media phenomenon is the ability for GRC professionals like ourselves to get our heads out of the sand, take a look around and understand the relationship between our careers and our efforts to define, enhance and promote our professional ...more

Accenture on Industry Benchmarking

April 22, 2016
Accenture on Industry Benchmarking Chuck Wise Here is a compelling excerpt from Chuck Wise's 2011 report from his firm Accenture. We consider it a "must read" and hope that you will download a copy from our Non-Member Content Repository Executive Repository and Level I Member ...more

What's the BIG Buzz over Industry Clusters?

April 10, 2016
We are totally excited over Accenture's release this week of their 6 documents which define the concept of "digital shoring" or, in our parlance, "Industry Clustering". This is the notion of industry peers collaborating with each other in order to help achieve new levels of innovation. They ...more
Category: Digital Shoring