Our Video Challenge for our GRCme Brain Trust Members

May 21, 2016
Our video challenge that we are sharing with our GRCme Brain Trust members (i.e. GRC experts who as product providers, service providers or education providers) is an educational strategy that is blended with a video advertizing strategy. We call these edumercials which is an outgrowth of the ...more

Your Organizational Definition of GRC is all that matters!

April 29, 2016
We hope that you are familiar with OCEG's definition of GRC which is depicted above. They have been a guiding force in our industry and we thank them for their great leadership! We fervently believe that every organization needs to arrive at their own definition of Governance, Risk and ...more

Holistic GRC; GRC isn't what it used to be!

April 23, 2016
Have you heard about Holistic GRC? It’s a new concept that our GRC Sphere members and staff are now becoming passionate about because the holistic approach heralds a new era for cross-enterprise program initiatives that focus on the three dimensions of Governance Risk Compliance (GRC). Holistic ...more

Transforming the Role of the CFO

April 22, 2016
Accenture's report on the changing role of the CFO, is of significant importance, we believe, and we want to draw your attention to it. The 2014 report is massive. It's a 60 pager and the highlights are featured in this BLOG post so that you will seach this report out in our Level I and ...more
Category: CFO Role

GRC and Cyber Security Data Visualization

April 21, 2016
A number of our Members have been discussing our planned use of both Google Earth and Google Maps to not only display the location of our Members (who would like to be a part of one or more of our planned Member directories), but also a lot of other GRC data that we all might want to take ...more

Control Self-Assessments (CSA's)

April 12, 2016
Because our flagship whitepaper entitled, "Industry-driven Crowdsourcing and Benchmarking" is focused on the subject of analytical tools that our Members generate and share, we get a lot of questions on Control Self-Assessments or CSA's. These tools are known by most of us as surveys. But ...more

The Unveiling of The GRCme Brain Trust

April 10, 2016
What's a GRCme Brain Trust? Well, let's start with GRCme brand name first. GRCme is our own tongue-in-cheek moniker that we apply to our GRC University which we run for the benefit of our Members; entitled GRCme University. GRCme University is a part of our BreakPoint Educational Network ...more