Brain Trust Partner Program FYI...

November 28, 2016
Are you a GRC or Work Excellence expert (i.e. a service provider, a product provider or an educator)? Please contact me so that we can promote your capabilities for our Members as a GRCme Brain Trust Partner. We want to make sure that your solutions are visible and that you have an opportunity ...more

Our Video Challenge for our GRCme Brain Trust Members

May 21, 2016
Our video challenge that we are sharing with our GRCme Brain Trust members (i.e. GRC experts who as product providers, service providers or education providers) is an educational strategy that is blended with a video advertizing strategy. We call these edumercials which is an outgrowth of the ...more

Need help with your GRC Data Lake?

April 29, 2016
The GRC industry is awash with individuals, like many of our Members, who are looking for help in planning, designing, implementing and managing the deployment of a new era of GRC Data Lake. As Big Data Quarterly magazine reports in their Spring 2016 Best Practice Series (By Joe McKendrick), ...more
Category: GRC Data Lake

The Unveiling of The GRCme Brain Trust

April 10, 2016
What's a GRCme Brain Trust? Well, let's start with GRCme brand name first. GRCme is our own tongue-in-cheek moniker that we apply to our GRC University which we run for the benefit of our Members; entitled GRCme University. GRCme University is a part of our BreakPoint Educational Network ...more