Why PRA My Org?

Why is a Predictive Risk Analytics (PRA) Initiative so important in driving strategic shareholder value?

1.) Improve critical thinking

2.) Foster a new understanding of how to enhance an individual’s abilities in complex problem solving, and

3.) Strengthen judgment and decision-making

These 3 Critical Success Factors, in turn, drive and enhance four other enterprise capabilities...

4.) Corporate Architectures of the Future

5.) Organizational Performance

6.) Operational Effectiveness

7.) "Concurrent Enterprising" including the development of parallel ways of working, and collaborative work methods

But as we drill down into SAP's #RunSimple campaign. Our PRA solution opportunities become even more interesting:

The Top 5 Reasons Why Business Complexity Should Be Managed?

1. There are many good reasons to measure, monitor and manage business system complexity. The following are the 4 top-most important reasons:

2. Highly complex systems are less profitable. This is why many corporations pursue lean business models in order to benefit their shareholders.

3. An excessively complex business is inherently fragile and vulnerable. It is also less sustainable. This is because excessive complexity is the source of risk exposure.

4. A more complex business is less responsive to change and extreme events - it is less resilient.

5. Last but not least, in a turbulent economy, the best practice of “complexity management” overcomes the limitations of conventional risk management.


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