Why Haven't You Registered for Your Tribe?

The power of The GRC Sphere is that our network of "Industry Peers" generate what we call "Shared Industry Intelligence". This is a form of ad hoc knowledge that's unsurpassed. It's the #1 reason that we need all our Members to take a part in helping us to build communities where a "tribe" of Industry Peers collaborate on sharing all forms of information to help each other regarding these 4 target areas:
1. Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) program initiatives
2. Work Excellence (WE) program initiatives
3. Industry-driven Crowdsourcing and Benchmarking
4. Integrated Analytics and Data Lake technologies
Our Industry Clusters drive their respective priorities for data sharing by focusing initially on these items:
  • Key Performance Questions (KPG's)
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)
  • Key Risk Indicators (KRI's)
Once the Industry Clusters are formed, then we can turn our attention to Excecutive Think Tanks which are also vertically aligned and, lastly, create and populate the all-important and horizontally-aligned Special Interest Groups (SIG's).
When you add to the Industry Cluster community, more structured forms of industry-specific knowledge such as an integrated database of Key Performance Questions (KPG's), Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) and Key Risk Indicators (KRI's) then you create quite a compelling raison d'etre for our organization.
But, when you take that knowledge base and use it to create a next generation federated industry benchmarking data model which connects Industry Peers together into a network and enables us to share "industry averages" and "best-in-class" data points in near real time, then you immediately have a closed-loop control architecture which is capable of generating an average increase of 6.8% for improving net margin. That's a huge return! It's too hard to ignore financially, and yet, operationally, it represents the world's most effective and proven way to drive organizational "fast learning"!
The soft benefit that we call "Fast Learning" can be thought of as a systemic business organizational trait where employees can see, first hand that they are competing with other compnaies around the world and that their role and function have a great bearing on how their own company fares when competing in a vertical industry segment.
Here's the industry Clusters that we have launched or are considering launching:
• Finance & Financial Services
• Banking, Savings & Loan, & Credit Unions
• Healthcare
• Pharmaceuticals & Biotech
Manufacturing (Discrete and Process)
• Utilities, Energy & Extraction
• Insurance
• Real Estate
• Retail & Consumer Durables
• Agriculture
• Transportation & Delivery
• Government
• Entertainment & Leisure
• Construction, Machinery & Homes
• Business Support & Logistics
• Airlines & Aerospace (Including Defense)
Advertising & Marketing


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