What is a GRC Special Interest Group (SIG)?

Whereas GRC Sphere's Industry Clusters and Executive Think Tank communities are both aligned with vertical industry segments according to NAICS and SIC codes, our GRC Special Interest Groups, for the most part, run horizontally aross industry verticals. For instance, a cyber security Special Interest Group or SIG might be formed to only address the banking vertical, but perhaps it may be more prudent to form a SIG that addresses a range of industries. It really just depends on what the topic is and how it affects an industry vertical. We foresee that many topics that relate to GRC practices, applications, roles and GRC certifications most often address a range of industry verticals, but process-centric SIG's may not.
One of our first SIG's to be formed addresses the best practice called GRC Configuration Management. This Special Interest Group pertains to all industry verticals and it addresses 10 business processes which any company can benefit from. 
Our top priority is to form Industry Clusters and Executive Think Tanks first, yet it still makes sense to get all our member's input on the SIG's that they are interested in participating in or co-leading. So, please let us know your thoughts and SIG interests!


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