What COSO ERM Strategy Are You Driving?

We are all pretty well aware that the COSO Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) standard is one of the most pervasive industry mandates ever. It spans most, if not all of the developed world's countries and each country has their version such as COCO for Canada. Our question is to have you tell us how you have tackled this cross-enterprise challenge? Have you inserted a technology-based solution to provide the muscle for associating business objectives which are defined by all enterprise functions, with risks and opportunities? Have you adjusted management and worker role job descriptions to incorporate COSO-based strategies, responsibilities and accountabilities. What have you witnessed as the major stumbling blocks which have had to be overcome?
The GRC Sphere has had a major interest in providing a member service that helps our Executive Think Tanks and Industry Clusters (which are both vertically aligned with NAICS and SIC codes) to collaborate on the tenants of the COSO standard. We are actively looking for a SaaS-based solution for helping us to educate our member base on COSO while also providing significant value-add to our members on-going GRC industry benchmarking work. If you know of a COSO solution that you think might fit the bill, please contact us. [email protected]
We'd be happy to explore your suggestions and as always we'd love to hear your thoughts.
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