Transforming the Role of the CFO

Accenture's report on the changing role of the CFO, is of significant importance, we believe, and we want to draw your attention to it. The 2014 report is massive. It's a 60 pager and the highlights are featured in this BLOG post so that you will seach this report out in our Level I and Executive Member content repositories which are located within our Member Pavilion.

The CFO as architect of business value

Cost control is no longer the primary emphasis in most organizations today. Instead, CFOs are increasingly focused on investment in growth. In doing so, many are also finding an opportunity to drive broader organizational business transformation, building value for the enterprise. 

Managing volatility

Finance functions have made significant progress in the past three years in their ability to navigate some of the powerful external forces that affect performance, including the challenge of permanent volatility. CFOs are more satisfied with the performance of their teams than at any time since we first tracked this through our research in 2008.

The rise of digital on the CFO agenda

Digital technology—which may include cloud computing or software as a service (SaaS), big data and/or analytics, mobility and social media— is having a profound impact on the finance function’s performance. The evolution of such digital assets, software and services provides a clear opportunity for CFOs to accept and exploit the digital revolution, given their unique position at the intersection of finance, technology and strategy.

Navigating complexity

Complexity, in its various guises, is the biggest challenge finance organizations face today. But it is also an opportunity. High-performance businesses must find ways of navigating complexity—by standardizing and optimizing processes to streamline and simplify the organization. Those finance leaders who do will find themselves able to deliver exceptional value to the business.

High-performance businesses have more influential CFOs

Finance leaders at high-performance businesses are particularly likely to have seen their influence grow in key strategic activities. They report high levels of satisfaction with the performance of their finance function, and are also closely involved with assessing technology investments.

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