ERM Watchtower and CBE Make Headlines!

Have you heard the big news? Strategic Risk Associates ( is the leading provider of an exclusive software application platform for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) for the banking and financial services industries. ERM Watchtower has taken the ERM market by storm because the system-of-record addresses some major issues that companies have been trying to deal with in the aggregation of risk-related data so that Board of Directors and C-Suite Executives can aggregate risks and report on them using a unique, patent-pending, meta-data layer which integrates with enterprise-class GRC systems. 

We have just completed a strategic relationship agreement that spans joint software development and marketing of our Cognitive Benchmarking Engine (CBE) that will be integrated with ERM Watchtower. Why is this important news for our Members? The reasons are as follows:

1.) ERM Watchtower is one of the very few risk aggregation and reporting solutions that addresses the BCBS standard #239 principles for risk data aggregation.

2.) CBE will integrate with ERM Watchtower to offer GRC Sphere Members a unique closed-loop control architecture (i.e. industry benchmarking) capability.

3.) We are working to identify and add the core development needs for industry benchmarking for a range of banking and financial services use cases.If you would like to add your own requirements, please contact us/

4.) Both systems will address these areas of risk and others going forward:

  • Strategic Risk
  • Reputational Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Liquidity Risk
  • Interest Rate Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Cybersecurity Risk
  • Compliance Risk
  • Pricing Risk
  • Legal Risk
  • Insurance Risk

We can give you a demonstration of both ERM Watchtower and Cognitive Benchmarking Engine (CBE). As a GRC Sphere Member you will be able to benefit as we are now taking applications for those firms who would like to be added to our Proof-Of-Concept (PoW) list for deployment.

The bottom line is that SRA's ERM Watchtower and GRC Sphere's Cognitive Benchmarking Engine take the lead in risk, cyber and GRC industry benchmarking to benefit GRC Sphere members.


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