Reading List on Risk Assessment and Risk Management

The following extensive reading list has been compiled from several sources such as,, Shared Assessments, Sira and Auditnet:

Predictably Irrational, Revised and Expanded Edition: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisionsbook Ariely, Dan

Foundations of Risk Analysis: A Knowledge and Decision-Oriented Perspective (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics)book Aven, Terje

Misconceptions of Risk Aven, Terje

Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Riskbook Bernstein, Peter

The Psychology of Riskbook Breakwell, Glynis M.

Risk Analysis of Complex and Uncertain Systems (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science)book Cox, Louis Anthony.

The Logic Of Failure: Recognizing And Avoiding Error In Complex Situationsbook Dorner, Dietrich

The Science of Fear: How the Culture of Fear Manipulates Your Brainbook Gardner, Daniel

Calculated Risks: How to Know When Numbers Deceive Youbook Gigerenzer, Gerd

Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinkingbook Gladwell, Malcolm

How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of Intangibles in Businessbook Hubbard, Doug 

The Failure of Risk Management: Why It's Broken and How to Fix Itbook Hubbard, Doug

Assessing and Managing Security Risk in IT Systems: A Structured Methodologybook McCumber, John

The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives (Vintage)book Mlodinow, Leonard

Computer-Related Risksbook Neumann, Peter G

Organized Uncertainty: Designing a World of Risk Managementbook Power, Michael

Risk: A Philosophical Introduction to the Theory of Risk Evaluation and Management Rescher, Nicholas.

The Flaw of Averages: Why We Underestimate Risk in the Face of Uncertaintybook Savage, Sam L., Jeff Danziger

The Black Swan: Second Edition: The Impact of the Highly Improbable: With a new section: "On Robustness and Fragility"book Taleb, Nassim Nicholas

Risk Analysis: A Quantitative Guidebook Vose, David

IT Risk: Turning Business Threats into Competitive Advantagebook Westerman, George and Richard Hunter


Methodology or Standards-Specific

Managing Information Security Risks: The OCTAVE (SM) Approachbook Alberts, Christopher and Audree Dorofee.

"Technical Standard - Risk Taxonomy" The Open Group


Risk Communication


Gigerenzer, Gerd. Calculated Risks: How to Know When Numbers Deceive You. New York: Simon &Schuster, 2002.

Sandman, Peter M. Responding to Community Outrage: Strategies for Effective Risk Communication.Fairfax: American Industrial Hygiene Association, 1993. Republished electronically at

Risk Matrices

Cox, Tony. "What's Wrong with Risk Matrices?Risk Analysis 28 (2008): 497-512, DOI: 10.1111/j.1539-6924.2008.01030.x.

Talbot, Julian. "What's Right with Risk Matrices."

Verbal Probability Expressions

Beyth-Marom, R., "How Probable is Probable? A Numerical Translation of Verbal Probability ExpressionsJ. Forecast 1 (1982): 256-269, doi: 10.1002/for.3980010305.

Budescu, David V., Han-Hui Por, and Stephen B. Broomell, "Effective Communication of Uncertainty in the IPCCReportsClimatic Change  (in press), doi:10.1007/s10584-011-0330-3, electronically published on 23 November 2011.

Budescu, David V., and Wallsten, Thomas G., "Consistency in Interpretation of Probabilistic Phrases" Organizational Behavior Human Decision Processes 36 (1985): 391-405.

Heuer, Jr., Richards J. Psychology of Intelligence Analysis. n.p.: Central Intelligence Agency, 1999. Republished electronically at

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Wark, David L. "The Definition of Some Estimative Expressions." Central Intelligence Agency Study for the Center of Intelligence (n.d.),

Wibecke Brun, Karl Halvor Teigen, "Verbal Probabilities: Ambiguous, Context-Dependent, or Both?," Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 41 (1988), 390-404, doi: 10.1016/0749-5978(88)90036-2.


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