New Simulation Models in our Analytical Model Repository

There is a major trend in the information security practice sector which is the use of Monte Carlo simulation in the risk assessment process. If you are interested in this approach to refine and improve your risk assessments, then you will be interested in exploring the 12 new simulation models in our Member Pavilion. They are available in our Analytical Model Repository filed under the category of "Simulation Models".

This is exciting news because we are now getting a lot of interest in a new generation of analytical models that are useful for any GRC professional, no matter what role or function the Member is associated with. One example of new technology tools is the area of decision support types of models. We have two partners who focus exclusively on this area. One focuses on COSO-related risk assessment and the other focuses on the bow tie method of risk assessment. If you have models that our Members can benefit from, please contact us. We can help you make these available are shareware, via lease, sale, etc.

We have a ton of new content in our Member Pavilion which is distributed and segmented by our 3 levels of GRC Sphere membership. Even non-members can access some of the content, but the higher your level of membership, the more content you will be able to access. Our GRC Sphere Brain Trust Partners can access all content once they have contacted us for access details and permission authorization. If you would like to access the content or want to insert content, just let us know and we will help.


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