Deployment of Management Systems, GRC and Work Excellence Practices

What if your firm wanted to deploy a cross-enterprise "management system" or best practice framework methodology that related to GRC, COSO ERM, Agile, Lean, Quality or any other work excellence framework? How would you proceed? Would you know which technology would be more useful than another? Would you use any technology solution at all? Our research and background experience in business transformation theory, cross-enterprise program initiatives and best practices indicates that you have several alternative strategies which can be used singularly, or in combination, to reduce the risk of failure. Let's explore these strategies.

The 1st strategy which we believe makes good sense is to select a business transformation lifecycle management framework methodology to help you with the detailed aspects of business transformation, human change management and technology change management. A framework like this is licensed and it provides a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to help you frame out a project management plan over a defined period of time. It may come as a surprise just how complex some of these methodologies can be. But having one in place will definately help with risk mitigation, for sure. Our GRC Sphere Member Support organization has developed our own lifecycle management methodology for business transformation and enterprise integration. We can license our Agile Enterprise Management (AEM) methodology to your firm if you have the need to mitigate the risk of failure when tackling large-scale enteprise change and management transformation projects.

The 2nd strategy is to deploy our preferred technology solution for requirements management. This solution will enable you to lay out a complex or simple process and associate sets of requirements with the process, business objectives, strategies, goals, tactics, etc. This is a proven approach which management often fails to leverage. But, for those companies in highly regulated industries, which do leverage a tech solution like this win big.We have a preferred tech solution for requirements management so let us know if you have a need.

The 3rd strategy is also a technology approach which is to deploy a Business Process Management solution with or without Business Rule Management capabilities. This is a more free-form solution that is used to build a custom process which leverages human to human integration, human to technology system integration, or even system to system integration. An investment like this can be used for a small project or proof-of-concept to get you started, and then you can scale your business processes and / or rule automation to large-scale cross-enterprise systems. This is another proven tech approach.

A 4th strategy is to deploy a knowledge management technology solution. There are a variety of KM systems and KM methodologies and approaches but we favor those that are based on requirements management and video content. Let us know your thoughts on this strategy and your preferred KM solutions.We have a preferred solution for this strategy which is ready-to-go should you need it.

A 5th strategy is to deploy a system that helps you to nail down Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) or work instructions that are described using text, diagrams, pictures, photos and videos. The SOP's and work instructions can be very high level, in nature, or very detailed as needed. We have a preferred solution, ready-to-go, for this strategy.

Our 6th strategy that we'll cover under this BLOG posting is our top-most favored strategy. This is to leverage our own branded BreakPoint Management System platform which is totally unique in the industry. This SaaS solution allows your firm to manage the deployment of multiple management systems, best practice / work excellence frameworks, in parallel. For instance, you can implement COSO ERM, GRC, Agile and Lean work practices in various areas around your company as trial workbenches or you can go "whole hog" and roll some of these out enterprise-wide. In order to create major business change our BreakPoint Management System platform allows a company to define business objectives, strategies, goals, etc. and tie these to job performer requirements and accountabilities in order to ensure that the entire management system is cohesive, holistic and sustainable. It has a lot of features, functions and benefits which are too lengthy to cover here, but suffice it to say that this system solution is a huge win and ready-to-go.


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