Exploit the Power of AI with Partner; LPA and VisiRule

VisiRule is a 100% web-based application that has been created and is supported by Logic Programming Associates, Ltd. (LPA) a small UK-based software company which has many years of experience in designing and delivering innovative, and often disruptive, software solutions. LPA is a GRCme Brain Trust Partner of ours and our Members can get special benefits and discounts for using VisiRule. Here's an overview of this firm and their AI solution; VisiRule. Note that their application has become one of the core resources for legal and financial professionals, yet the application serves many other functional areas of the enterprise.
LPA is a well established AI company with a solid track record for developing and deploying practical and pragmatic AI-based applications. LPA was recently recognized as Artificial Intelligence Innovators by CV Magazine.
LPA is the leading supplier of Prolog compiler systems for PCs and offers a wide range of integrated AI products based on LPA Prolog for Windows.
VisiRule is a graphical tool which allows non-technical business users such as lawyers, accountants, tax advisers, healthcare professionals and field service agents, develop and deliver web-based decision support capability through expert systems.
VisiRule was initially designed to help legal experts who often used flow charts to help express the logic associated with legal knowledge. VisiRule was initially developed as a graphical front-end to the Flex expert systems toolkit to help people who wanted to build expert systems using Flex. VisiRule was initially launched as a Windows desktop application but soon the run-time delivery component was moved to the Web to support a wider deployment. Mobile deliver was added subsequently.
History of LPA
Founded in 1980, LPA is a small, privately held, software company which specializes in developing applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) software solutions. Over the years, LPA has acquired a wealth of expertise in developing and delivering disruptive applications, and sees itself as a company who bridges the gap between academic research and commercial deployment.
LPA was initially formed to exploit the results emerging from the logic programming research team of Prof. Bob Kowalski at Imperial College, London. Amongst those making the transition from academia to industry were Brian D Steel, Clive Spenser and Diane Reeve, all of whom remain with the company to this day. They were later joined by Alan Westwood. Since then, LPA has continued to develop and sell advanced software tools to researchers, academics and industry, and is firmly established as a leading supplier of commercial software products and solutions in the areas of Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence.
LPA's first product, micro-PROLOG, was the world's first Prolog system for small machines and was implemented on most micro-computers of the time. LPA's current expanded range of Artificial Intelligence development tools target programmers and developers who want to build, test and deliver intelligent applications, as stand-alone applications and/or as embedded components.
Between 1996 and 1998, based on work co-funded through a DTI Smart award, LPA developed ScaffoldIT, a tool for building dynamic documents and intelligent web sites. This technology was able to generate complex personalised documents such as policy schedules, legal contracts, and complex proposals on the Web. To exploit this technology, LPA and Tarlo Lyons set up a new company which became known as Business Integrity Ltd (BIL). ScaffoldIT formed the basis of the Contract Express product family from BIL. This innovative and disruptive software is now being used by many of the world's leading law firms and corporations. Companies trust Contract Express because legal professionals are able to quickly and accurately automate and update their legal templates in Word without requiring IT specialists to convert them into programs. As a result of its commercial success, BIL was acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2015.
The philosophy of self-service, which was so strong in Contract Express, resonates with LPA's VisiRule philosophy. Both products allow non-programmers to create solutions, and have the software itself take care of the creation of the web-based question and answer sessions and any generated outputs from a structured process.
In 2004, LPA launched VisiRule, a graphical software tool which lets business users draw and deliver decision support systems, rather than have to engage programmers to write code for them. VisiRule has been extended and enhanced since then and used in many different projects ranging from machine diagnostics and fault finding to knowledge management and the automated generation of personalised financial advice and legal guidance.
LPA has helped many of its customers develop innovative solutions and applications based on its range of practical and robust software tools. Current customers include Business Integrity Ltd, Infermed (UK), Enel (Italy), Siemens (Germany), AllerGenius (Italy) and more.


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