Help Us Stamp Out Ordinal-based Risk Assessment; Join our Global Movement!

If you are involved with any risk assessment technique that uses ordinal-based values or associated heat maps, you need to read this!

For over 4 years we have been working to educate risk assessment teams on the major need to stamp out ordinal-based risk assessment practices and the related heat maps because of the errors that this approach creates and the billions of dollars that are wasted globally because of this widespread problem. We are now actively ratcheting up our message and building a global movement which we encourage you to join. 

But first, if you are not convinced of our claims, then look at this...

We have definitive proof that companies are introducing errors into their risk ratings (when ordinal-based approaches are being used) based on the work of these three individuals’ in-depth studies:

1. Tony Cox; Professor of Mathematics at MIT

2. Sam Savage; Professor of Mathematics at Stanford

3. Doug Hubbard; Author of “The Problem with Risk Assessment and What to Do About it” and “How To Measure Anything”. 

Our strategy is to help companies replace their ordinal-based risk assessment approaches and supply them with 1.) a robust methodology that leverages the world’s best risk taxonomy,  2.) the lowest-cost risk assessment tools and 3.)  leading-edge plug & play Control Self-Assessments (CSA's) for standards like NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) that plugs into our industry-driven crowdsourcing and benchmarking architecture.  

Ready to get involved? Contact us at or MemberSupport(at)GRCsphere(dot)org or phil(at)GRCsphere(dot)org.


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