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GRC Sphere's support team recently met with Robert Enders, Sr. Client Director for FulcrumWay to interview him on FulcrumWay's GRC platform solutions and markets. Our objective is to determine how to bring some new and interesting GRC educational content for our Members to learn about.

We were astounded to find out that this global organization offers a broad number of what are called "accelerators" which are used to build GRC infrastructure across a large global enterprise.

Here's the first five (5) accelerator sectors that we covered. These are specific buckets of content which span FulcrumWay’s Accelerators. We hope to see this content as a webinar series and we will working with them to see what we can offer.

1.    Oracle GRC
2.    SafePaaS for Oracle EBS
3.    Risk Assessment & Management
4.    Internal Controls Assessment & Management
5.    Audit Management
Collectively, these 5 areas represent the primary tip of the iceberg that we, as Members, will be learning more about. Let us know if you, too, are interested in these Oracle areas of know-how and expertise ("The FulcrumWay Accelerator Series").
Stay tuned for more information from FulcrumWay and Robert Enders. They are a powerhouse in the world of highly configurable open systems architectures that Oracle is so well know for. Their GRC applications are not only broad. They're also deep. 
Our recommendation is for you to purchase our Unit Credits if you'd like to attend their fee-based courses or book a discussion with Robert.
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