The Common Controls Hub

We are frequently asked to describe the Common Controls Hub (CCH) and Compliance Dictionary. So here is the answer:

The Common Controls Hub provides users with access to the award-winning Unified Compliance Framework® which gives them rapid access to a massive library of more than 200,000 individual Industry Regulations (i.e. “mandates”) from 800+ laws and standards from around the world. New and evolving “Authority Documents” are researched, interpreted, and updated in the UCF database for users of The Common Controls Hub. The Compliance Dictionary helps users to understand terms, acronyms and definition relationships.

This System-of-Record (SOR) manages complex configurations of Authority Documents and the integrated set of Internal Controls which a company needs to operate with to ensure world-class Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) integrity.

• Select the regulations you need to follow based on where your company operates around the world and with just a few clicks all associated “internal controls” will be automatically displayed. 

• Choose specific Authority Documents and customize your own Common Control list by simply selecting the specific industries, market segments, and geographies relevant to your organization. 

• Quickly and easily compare any two sets of Authority Documents for an instant gap / overlap analysis 

• Gauge the impact of new initiatives, new geographies, new laws, rather than having to complete an entirely new assessment. 


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