Building Our Professional Brand

One of the most interesting aspects of today's social media phenomenon is the ability for GRC professionals like ourselves to get our heads out of the sand, take a look around and understand the relationship between our careers and our efforts to define, enhance and promote our professional brand. One of the reasons that the GRC Sphere member-based organization was created in the first place, was the lack of website solutions for helping GRC practitioners and professionals (i.e. who those who sell their GRC expertise through services, products or education) build their professional brand. Whereas Facebook is all about building your personal brand, GRC Sphere is dedicated to helping you enhance and grow your professional GRC brand. Let's look at the best strategies that our more experienced Members have unlocked to help them accomplish this important career objective.

The first and most important way to grow your professional brand for GRC-related careers is to establish notoriety in the areas of KPI and KRI performance assessment. No matter what role or function that you are associated with, you need to be aware of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) and Key Risk Indicators (KRI's) that impact the areas that you are responsible for. This is where the knowledge of GRC performance and value measurement come into play. We use Industry Benchmarking as a means to collaborate with other GRC professionals who also understand the mission-critical aspects of KPI's, KRI's and industry benchmarking. We all need to be conversant on the strategy, process and journey that we use to collaborate with others in this area. By stepping up to challenge others to help you define and measure KPI's and KRI's you derive a natural and organic notoriety as a professional who is interested in digging into the core ways to improve a business function, job or process. By leveraging industry benchmarking you have the ability to define measurements that can be assessed from an industry benchmarking perspective to uncover "peer average" and "best-in-class" data points.

The ability to generate analytical tools and models for use in our GRC work is another outstanding way to build our brand. The models that we turn out are going to be helpful to other members and you will be the person who gets the credit. One of the ways to build your brand is to make sure that any models or tools that you create and share, have a video that allows you to explain the tool. These can be brief tips, or more lengthy education and guidance. We use the word, "edumercial" to describe the connection between education and commercial where you are, in actuality, building your professional brand and organizational brands as you describe your analytical model and how to leverage its value. The topic of using video is important to mention. It is ine of the very best mediums for building your professional (and organizational) brands. By becoming comfortable in creating a quick, yet decent video, you are crafting a marketing message, in the form of education, tips and guidance. This is a core skill that can help you build awareness of the work that you're involved with and your willingness and abilities to help others. This is what makes this professional brand-building strategy so natural and fun! 

Industry benchmarking allows our members to step up to become a thought leader in the GRC areas of their choice and find others who share similar interests. The big strategy here is to become a co-leader or progressive collaborator in an Executive Think Tank, Industry Cluster or Special Interest Group (SIG). This is a quick way to build your professional brand as well as leverage new job opportunities at the same time. This is also where our phrase of "shared industry intelligence" comes into play in a big way. By establishing professional connections with industry peers, you can really make a difference in building your knowledge about your industry sector or the focus area of a SIG.

In summary, we all need to dedicate a certain amount of time every week to enhancing our professional brand. We believe that The GRC Sphere provides some of the best opportunities for driving your career and brand in a way that provides value to other members, in parallel. It is the outreach that you provide to answer questions, define new SIG's, drive industry benchmarking priorities, generating edumercial videos, developing analytical models for your organization that others can also benefit from... which set you apart!


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