Building a GRC Knowledge Base

You can take a leadership role in building and sustaining GRC knowledge by creating a community-of-practice whose objective is to nail down specific GRC knowledge types. The questions that immediately surface are, "what does a knowledge-base consist of" and "how can our community work collaboratively to build a knowledge repository"? In order to answer these questions let's first look at some of the better classes of information that are often used in industry to build a knowledge-base:

• Document business objectives
• Document risks and strategies to mitigate them
• Map functions that span the enterprise (or use ours)
• Map out role-based processes
• Map decision logic (i.e. major questions) that will be encountered within the role-based process flow)
• Document requirements that span all aspects of GRC functions and processes
• Build a curricula map for the GRC support ecosystem which spans all constituencies across the enterprise
• Build compelling courseware (i.e. the content that is found within an educational course)
• Document all requirements that pertain to any apsect of a function
• Build a Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) list that evolves over time
• Create a "success profile" i.e. document the core GRC competencies and skills that an individual needs to possess in order to be successful
• Build a GRC convergence strategy that creates a vision and encourages all enterprise functions to work together to integrate GRC processes, tasks, etc.

This list provides you with an important set of knowledge-base elements to consider. You can select some of the easier knowledge elements to get your community-of-practice started. We can provide educational assistance once you need to tackle the more complex elements.

Now, we all need to think about the use of video in a GRC knowledge management capacity. Contact us if you'd like our "Video Standard for Driving GRC Knowledge Management".


I do look forward to contributing to the GRC knowledge base. I already have plenty of powerpoint presentations that would be great resources to this platform. Looking forward to getting started in an active role as I am already involved in doing a series of paid webinars and seminars.

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