Building Blocks for GRC

After speaking with many of our over 71,000 Members and Fans we have learned some amazing things! The first and most important is that most of our Member constituencies have reached out to us to ask our team and their industry peers the following key questions:

  1. What can we do to get prepared for moving to a GRC platform solution?
  2. How can you help us to get prepared for GRC?
  3. What are the top 3 tasks that we need to put on our pre-GRC roadmap?

These questions are awesome because they give us the focus that is needed for those firms which are just starting out on their journey to GRC. Plus, this awakening helps many of our GRCme Brain Trust Partners to readjust their product and service presentations to make their marketing messages more relevant for early-term adopters of key technologies that can an should precede a full blown GRC platform solution.
We have 6 areas of focus for companies that are just getting started and we offer substantial discounts to those Members who explore them. Here are the areas of focus (the pre-GRC building blocks) that we recommend:

I. Cybersecurity Control Self-Assessment (CSA) - Our NIST CSA Workbench is the industry's lowest cost and easiest to use cloud-based platform for measuring your firms adoption of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and the NIST Baldrige Cybersecurity Excellence Builder Framework.

2. ERM System of Record - Companies need a cloud-based platform for managing all types of Risk Loss Threat (RLT) data and they need to put an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) System-of-Record in place so that your Board-of-Directors and C-Suite executives have a way to aggregate RLT data. What is really important is the ability to work with any risk / RLT information. Our Members now have a major solution as do our Partners who can brand / white label our solution.

3. Cybersecurity Network-as-a-Service - The smaller company can't afford any miss-steps when it comes to defending themselves against cyber-crime and cyber warfare. Our All-In-1 cybersecurity Network-as-a-Service provides the most comprehensive solution to make sure that you have the proper defense that big companies have. We provide our Members with the industry-leading solution for this area-of-focus.

4. GRC Configuration Management - Companies need to address compliance as soon as they can "crawl" and that is why we strongly urge them to put a GRC configuration manager in place to manage industry regulations and the internal controls that are required to address them. We provide our Members with the industry-leading cloud-based solution for this area-of-focus.

5. Process Mapping and Process Management - If you got involved in the world of GRC in 2003 then you are well-aware of the need to map business processes to meet Sarbanes Oxley compliance. This need has often been lost in the GRC hype since that time, but it still represents an important pre-GRC task. Companies must know how to map their processes and use their process maps and models for incremental improvement. This mapping phase points directly to a related focus area (we have listed these together for simplicity) which is Business Rule / Process Management. We provide our Members with the industry-leading cloud-based solution for this area-of-focus. This solution is also the industry leader for GDPR compliance!

6. Enterprise-Wide Requirements Management - This area of focus does not go away once your firm has acquired a GRC platform because the best practice of requirements management is much, much broader than GRC. We provide our Members with the industry-leading cloud-based solution for this area-of-focus.

Once you become a Member we can help you with any of these areas of focus or all of these areas. You can opt-in for FREE.

We look forward to helping you out in your journey toward GRC!


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