Are You Involved With Cyber Standards?

Our GRCme Brain Trust Partners and GRC Sphere ( are now mobilizing to continue working on the development of a new set of cybersecurity standards that build upon the prior work of such well-known organizations such as The Object Management Group (, The Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Council, XBRL US (, OASIS Open Data Protocol (ODATA) and others.
Our focus is on the reporting, sharing and industry benchmarking of Risk Loss Threat (RLT) data. We are addressing the SEC mandate of cyber incident and cyber breach reporting along with a new type of collaboration to assist in the fight against cyber crime and cyber warfare.
If you would like to get involved and have experience with FIBO, XBRL, ODATA or other open standards in cybersecurity, please opt-in for FREE at our Member-based website and then let us know your background and that you would like to get involved. We can forward information.
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