Attract & On-Board

"In corporations such as Motorola, ‘steal shamelessly’ is a rallying cry for continuous improvement.

This attitude underpins a ‘we can learn from anyone’ attitude that separates many

high-performing organizations from the competition."

  • Attract industry leaders, experts, educators, sponsors and affiliates
  • Deploy education on industry benchmarking best practices
  • Publicize GRC Connect™ ; our Professionals’ Networked Community (PNC) platform
  • Advertise our LinkedIn On-Boarding site for Level I Members (Free)
    - Members to provide their NAIC and SIC codes
  • Advertise Industry Clusters running on GRC Connect
  • Survey Members on Special Interest Group (SIG) interests:
    - Functional Groups, Roles, Certifications, Technology, etc.

Solicit prospective Members who are interested in delivering, or purchasing, the following professional services:

  • GRC Education / GRC Speakers
  • GRC CSA's and Audit Task Breakdown Lists - Control Self-Assessments (CSA's) along with audit work programs and task breakdown structures help our Members to leverage analytical models to improve work practices.

  • SVAStrategic Value Assessment; An SVA quantifies the value leakage that a firm is currently experiencing in the area of, say, risk management.
  • RA - Readiness Assessment; We can provide an RA for a GRC program initiative, a GRC convergence initiative, or a Risk Management initiative. Our CSA for risk management clearly signals when a firm needs to reengineer their enterprise program. An RA leads to a program charter and implementation plan.
  • Eval - Vendor / Technology Evaluation and Recommendation – We use detailed requirements management and decision support on these types of engagements.
  • GRC Connect™ - Educate prospective Members on the world's most prolific industry grapevine that enables Level II Standard Members to tap "shared industry intelligence".
  • SIG's - Survey Members on their needs for Special Interest Groups (SIG's) and assess their interests in areas such as:
    - Functional Groups, Roles, Certifications, Technology, etc.