"In organizations that actively encourage the identification and adoption of best practices,

a corporate culture springs up that is dedicated to fast learning."

Introducing The GRC Sphere
The GRC Sphere is a newly emerging member-based Industry Benchmarking Consortium spanning the three domains of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). The mission of the organization is to reinvent the strategic vision and value of GRC to foster progressive "Ways-of-Thinking" and "Ways-of-Working"
This includes the notion that work excellence and GRC best practices become a single harmonized factor along with the additional notion that enterprise integration and GRC convergence are a part of this vision. Our consortium, GRCsphere.org, serves executives, finance, accounting and GRC pro’s around the world. We’re based in the United States, but our perspective is truly global, in nature. We invite you to join us! 

5 Key Value Propositions

We’re the first member-based organization that enables members to mine strategic shareholder value from these top 5 significant resources;

1.) Institute a Closed-Loop Control Architecture to measure performance and value through industry benchmarking of GRC best practices and KPI’s. This control increases net margin by an average of 6.8%. This is huge!

2.) Tap into Shared Industry Intelligence (insider information) to institutionalize fast learning and reduce the costs of GRC. We run GRC Connect, a Professionals' Networked Community (PNC) platform that totally obsoletes chat sites and outdated ListServ technology.

3.) Leverage GRC Service Intermediation (i.e. connecting GRC experts with prospective clients of GRC products, services and education. If you are a GRC Expert and you provide GRC products, services and / or education... Join our GRCme Brain Trust. We need you to help us build the broadest and deepest resource base of GRC knowledge.

4.) Significantly Increase the Value of Your 2 Brands; both your personal brand and the brand of your organization through industry visibility and benchmarking leadership.

5.) Reinvent GRC Ways-of-Thinking and Way’s-of-Working to provide unequaled strategic shareholder value, process efficiencies and work excellence. We will get your organization moving forward on GRC convergence / enterprise integration to achieve impressive gains like these (taken from actual business / technology convergence data of blue chip firms using 5 year rolling averages):

Earnings Per Share (EPS) 5.9% ↑

Earnings Before Interest Tax and Depreciation (EBITD) 9.4% ↑

Return On Equity (ROE) 6.8% ↑

Return On Investment (ROI) 1% ↑

Return On Assets (ROA) 1% ↑

 Price Per Share 58% sustained a position in top 2/3 of industry peers


Start your firm’s climb on the rungs of the enterprise integration / GRC convergence ladder:

Level 5 – Approaching Convergence

Level 4 – Instances of Synchronization

Level 3 – Alignment Threshold

Level 2 – Pre-Alignment

Level 1 – Isolated Tasks

Mission Objectives

The GRC Sphere educates members on these 6 fundamental capabilities:

1. Reengineer enterprise-wide GRC programs to elevate the strategic shareholder value that these enterprise programs are capable of generating. (See our "Big 9" list of value measurements.)

2. Provide an integrated, i.e. "converged", enterprise where work excellence and GRC best practice work disciplines are aligned, synthesized and fully baked into the everyday business model of the enterprise.

3. Institutionalize the use of closed-loop control architectures where Industry Benchmarking performance measurement returns "peer average" and "best-in-class" data for measuring GRC Best Practices and Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) in near real-time.

4. Reduce the cost of GRC programs by leveraging the power of "shared industry intelligence" and through cost-sharing of common projects and programs with industry peers.

5. Create a global GRC marketplace by bringing together GRC Product and Service Providers with prospective Clients of these solutions. This is referred to as our GRCme Brain Trust. Now your organization can take advantage of GRC service intermediation by joining us as a Level 3 Member (also referred to as GRC Tenders & e-Commerce.

6. Build the brands of Members and their organizations in order to energize careers and drive additional value-added business vitality.

If you are a GRC expert, join our GRCme Brain Trust.

Our GRCme Brain Trust partners make up what we believe is the world's most comprehensive resource base of GRC knowledge. Please see our GRCme Brain Trust Partner Program under the GRCme navigation menu.

GRCme Brain trust

Collaborative Web Services
GRCsphere.org offers a whole new level of collaborative web services that power today’s most advanced GRC communities-of-practice. For the first time, GRC generalists and specialists have an easy and efficient means of enhancing the 4 C's (Communication, Controls, Coordination and Collaboration) to help shape, not only how we view GRC practice disciplines, but how we, as a global community incorporate leading-edge work disciplines as a part of the GRC work excellence vision. Some of these work disciplines might fit into your progressive GRC program:

  • Agile - Leveraging leading-edge analytics and business rule engine technology to help firms' to "turn on a dime".

  • Lean - Capturing Kaizen concepts for GRC and enteprise betterment

  • GRC Support Ecosystems - Incorporating 3rd party providers into a strengthened, robust and resilient GRC support ecosystem to reduce costs and increase process efficiencies.

  • Risk Assessment - Re-engineering how we tackle risk assessment to leverage ratio-based scalar measurement


Benchmarking Roots

Our GRC benchmarking roots were established in 2009, when several of our principals delivered the first education on GRC convergence for a leading internal audit organization and standards body. Our 2 day course for their members was focused on enterprise integration. We focused on the “convergence challenges” associated with business / technology management while implementing and sustaining a GRC program initiative.

The content differentiators that set this flagship course apart was our focus on well-documented financial performance comparisons using real-world 5 year rolling averages for a number of well-known and highly respected global corporations. The bottom line is that we provided the first strategic shareholder measurements in the form of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that executives can and should be using today for any GRC program implementation, no matter what the industry might be, or the size of the firm involved. 

The GRC Sphere takes our industry benchmarking for GRC to an entirely new level. Now we can help your firm to get involved with your peers in an industry cluster that is attuned to driving conversations and collaborative work regarding GRC best practice benchmarks and benchmarking. This work enables members to build their own internal GRC program measurement dashboards within their firms. By collaborating with industry peers, you can lower your costs of GRC, but more importantly, you will develop a deep understanding of the strategic value that a well-structured and well-implemented GRC program can provide, financially, as well as operationally.

The GRC Sphere is a division of RuleSphere International, Inc.

For additional member information, please contact us: [email protected].org


  • Executive Think Tanks We organize and manage exclusive executive forums or “Think Tanks” that are industry-focused and private. They’re designed to connect industry peers at the CXO and VP levels.
  • GRC Communication and Collaboration GRC Connect is our Professionals’ Networked Community (PNC) platform enabling our members to set up private vertical industry clusters and horizontal Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) that span a huge range of GRC topics and conversations.
  • Financial Industry Benchmarking BreakPoint Financial is one of three benchmarking platforms which provides members with head-to-head peer assessment of corporate financials, financial modeling and other industry benchmarking information.
  • KPI Industry Benchmarking BreakPoint KPI is our second benchmarking platform which provides members with custom Key Performance Indicator (KPI) industry benchmarking where peer assessment information is sent to members of an industry cluster in near real-time.
  • Corporate Resilience Industry Benchmarking BreakPoint Resilience is our third benchmarking platform which uses Predictive Risk Analytics to provide members with Enterprise Resilience Ratings System (ERRS™) information based on corporate financials as well as having the potential to assess other enterprise data sets for information that management cannot spot using classic assessment techniques.
  • GRC Education - GRCme University is our GRC educational pavilion which provides live (synchrnous), self-paced (asynchronous) and WebTV broadcast modes of learning. We incorporate our GRCme Brain Trust Member's content to provide leading-edge education and training for members, teams and entire corporations.
  • GRC knowledge Management - GRCkm is our GRC knowledge management repository platform which provides a range of duties for organizing and managing industry regulations and requirements for our industry clusters including regulatory impact assessment, authority document linking, and managing all best practices benchmarking information.

Management & Staff

Phil Wilson Biographical Sketch

Phil Wilson is the founder, leader and “Architect; Member Services and Programs” for The GRC Sphere, the first member-driven benchmarking consortium focused on Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) crowdsourcing and value / performance measurement. GRC Sphere is blazing a trail to identify, prioritize, crowdsource and benchmark Key Performance Indicator’s (KPI’s) and best practices. GRC Sphere offers executives and finance, accounting and GRC professionals a number of proven ways to collaborate, virtually, so that they can work together to deploy and monitor KPI’s in near real-time. GRC Sphere is found at http://www.GRCsphere.org

Besides leading the formation of GRC Sphere, Phil is a GRC consultant, educator, writer, speaker and mentor. He loves to collaborate with others on business transformation strategies, enterprise integration and GRC best practices. Phil is best known for his leading-edge work in GRC convergence benchmarking using the “Big 9” strategic shareholder value measurements.

Phil’s industry benchmarking passion arose in 2010 when Phil’s boutique consultancy, RuleSphere International, Inc. built the industry’s first educational course on GRC and business / technology convergence. What set this “enterprise integration” course apart from theory-only courses was that Phil's team used real-world case studies of blue chip firms and actual 5 year rolling averages of 6 strategic shareholder value measurements to guide executives on what to expect from a world class GRC program initiative.

Before leading RuleSphere, Phil worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) as a process improvement consultant for highly regulated industries. He is a passionate advocate for the “business rule approach to compliance” and is heavily involved with Predictive Risk Analytics and other automated rule and process strategies that are used to push GRC advancements forward.

Phil lives with his wife on an 18th century farm in Harvard, Massachusetts, USA where he enjoys hobby farming, hiking, and sailing.