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Industry Benchmarking Consortium; Process Overview

Structuring a Compelling Vision and Value Proposition to address Shareholder Concerns and Corporate Needs

    • Attract & On-Board

      Learn about our Industry Clusters, Special Interest Groups and Member Services!

    • Plan & Design

      Work with your teammates to prioritize analytical models and KPI’s

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      Dive into 3 types of industry benchmarking, Identify, screen, source 3rd party service providers.

    • Monitor & Audit

      Monitor KPI’s in near real-time to assess peer averages and best-in-class industry performance.

    • Refine & Supersede

      Enhance your KPI dashboard, update performance requirements and test new analytical models.

Why You Should Become a Member

Executive Think Tanks
We organize and manage exclusive executive forums or “Think Tanks” which are both industry-focused and private. They’re designed to connect industry peers at the CXO and VP levels. This includes Board of Director members, Audit Committee and Finance Committee members and similar mission-critical contributors.
GRC Communication and Collaboration
GRC Connect™ is our Professionals’ Networked Community (PNC) platform enabling our Members to set up private vertical-aligned Executive Think Tanks, Industry Clusters and horizontal-aligned Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) that span a huge range of GRC topics and conversations.
Financial Industry Benchmarking
BreakPoint Financial™ is one of three GRC Sphere benchmarking platforms which provides members with an Extended Service; head-to-head peer assessment of corporate financials, financial modeling and other industry benchmarking information. Business Executives/Owners: Benchmark your actual results and forecasts/budgets against industry standards and coach with your executive team to optimize profit, equity and cash flow and beat your competition.
Accountants and Consultants: Benchmark your clients’ actual results and forecasts against industry standards in 51 Key Performance Indicators to guide your clients into the top 10%, while attracting more clients, more easily, to maximize your consulting income!
KPI Industry Benchmarking
BreakPoint KPI™ is our second benchmarking platform which provides Members with custom Key Performance Indicator (KPI) industry benchmarking where peer assessment information is sent to Members of an industry cluster in near real-time. Our Governance Execution Framework (GEF) is designed to take advantage of BreakPoint KPI's enterprise-class performance and is ideal for deploying GRC Data Lakes of federated GRC data. Note that BreakPoint KPI is an Exterded member service which is positioned for use by an entire Industry Cluster, SIG or, alternatively, Member firms. Here are some GRC application areas that need strong KPI industry benchmarking: Anti-fraud, Crisis response, Defense, Cyber Security, Insider Threat, Intelligence, Legal intelligence, Law enforcement, and your own custom applications.
Corporate Resilience Industry Benchmarking
BreakPoint Resilience™ is our third benchmarking platform which uses Predictive Risk Analytics to provide Members with Enterprise Resilience Ratings System (ERRS™) information based on corporate financials as well as having the potential to assess other enterprise data sets for information that management cannot spot using classic assessment techniques.
GRC Education
GRCme University™ and BreakPoint Educational Network™ (Web TV channel) provide Members with educational program management platforms which combine synchronous (live instructor teaching in a same time / same place) and asynchronous (self-paced) modes of learning for Members, teams and entire corporations.
GRC Brain Trust
We are building the world's broadest and deepest knowledge bank of GRC experts around the globe! Our GRCme Brain Trust Partner Program™consists of GRC product, service and education providers. Members purchase GRCme Unit Credits to then purchase educational programs, events, workshops, mentoring, adviseries, strategic value assessments, readiness assessment, audit prep, control assessments and a host of other professional services.
Regulatory Compliance Mapping
& GRC Configuration management
We provide our all our Members and Member firms with a unique Core Service as well as education and training for regulatory compliance mapping as well as the complete range of GRC Configuration Management process management understanding. Our Members use the most sophisticated, and easy-to-use, solution in existence for these application needs. The Common Controls Hub (CCH) is the new SaaS portal built on the Unified Compliance Framework creating a streamlined process to scope, define, and maintain regulatory demands online.
  • Review Title:
    McKinsey on Crowdsourcing
    Review Details:
    The Internet enables the crowdsourcing of ideas, which many incumbent companies use to improve their effectiveness.
    McKinsey Summer 2016
  • Review Title:
    Real-time Benchmarking Information
    Review Details:
    There is strong demand for delivery of real-time information, reports Unisphere Research in their 2016 IOUG Survey entitled, "Moving Data at the Speed of Business" which was sponsored by Oracle.
    Unisphere Research
  • Review Title:
    Accenture on Digital Shoring (aka Industry Clustering)
    Review Details:

    “Business leaders need to promote a culture that is conducive to collaboration. They must invest both in available digital tools and in their employees’ digital networking skills. They also have to find ways to systematically tap into the knowledge that employees bring from their communities, whether they are digitally enhanced physical clusters or global digital archipelagoes.

    Digital shoring gives companies new and better ways to pursue collaborative innovation. Business leaders that understand and actively tap into this potential can accelerate the path to innovation.”

    Matthew Robinson
    Mulkund Umalkar


  • Review Title:
    BreakPoint Business Transformation
    Review Details:
    Ultimately, we achieve BreakPoint business transformations by collaborating with, and learning from, industry peers. GRC Sphere is all about harnessing best GRC practices and measuring our process improvements accurately.
    Adam Gebb
  • Review Title:
    Benchmarking Builds Excellence
    Review Details:
    No matter whether GRC benchmarking is applied in a business function or in IT, it helps my clients build a sustainable competitive advantage.
    Paul Quanrud
  • Review Title:
    Paradigms Holding Us Prisoners
    Review Details:

    We are all prisoners of our own paradigms. Exposure to different approaches and points of view can lead to breakthrough improvements.

    Peter Davis
  • Review Title:
    Benchmarking Skills
    Review Details:

    Benchmarking skills are quintessentially networking skills, but benchmarking adds process rigor and implementation focus.

    Nicolas Vass
  • Review Title:
    Learning and Continuous Improvement
    Review Details:

    GRC Benchmarking = Fast Learning and Fast Learning is the essence of Continuous Improvement.

    Phil Wilson



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